The Complete Guide to Splitting PST Files:

In managing your emails, keeping your Outlook PST file in check is crucial. But when these files get too big, they can become hard to manage. Let’s talk about why it’s important, how you can split PST files using manual methods, the downsides of manual processes, and a handy tool called Shoviv PST Splitter to make it all easier.

What are some common reasons for splitting a PST file?
Reasons for split PST file:
Large PST files might make Outlook operate slowly. Splitting them improves Outlook’s performance and dependability.
Huge PST files are readily damaged, especially if something unexpected occurs, such as your computer quickly shutting down. Splitting PST files lowers the risk of losing critical data.
Large PST files might make it difficult to locate and manage your emails. Splitting PST files allows you to view and manage your data in Outlook.
It simplifies moving emails to a new computer or sharing them with others.
Some PCs need help managing large PST files. Splitting PST files resolves complications and guarantees that everything functions well.
Splitting a PST file without using other tools? Let’s look at manual ways to do it.
Method 1: Archive old data with the archive option.

Identify and archive old emails, calendar entries, and other unnecessary items for your daily work. Archiving generates a new PST file with the archived data.

First, launch and Open Microsoft Outlook.
Then, navigate to the File tab.
Now, select the Info option and go to the Cleanup tools.
The Cleanup Tool Wizard will appear; choose Archive.
The Archive wizard will now display, and you can click Archive this folder and its sub folders.
After selecting Archive this folder and all sub folders, choose any one of the folders to split.
Now, tick the box and choose the Browse option.
Give the destination path where you want to save the split data, then click the OK button.
Method 2:Use Outlook’s Move to Folder feature. Here’s how:

To begin, open Outlook and select New Items from the Home menu.
In the new items window, select More Items.
Choose Outlook Data Files.

A pop-up window will appear once you click Outlook Data Files.
Create a new file or choose an existing one.
Open the file you’ve just made.
Select any folder from the list to move into a newly created folder.
Now click the OK button.
Cons of Manual Methods:
Manual methods require technical expertise to function.
There’s no guarantee of data security.
You might accidentally lose some data irreversibly.
It can be time-consuming.
It is a challenging process; non-technical people might lose control of it at any point.
Considering these drawbacks, you should explore alternative options, such as using an MVP tool like the PST Splitter.

Easily Split PST files with Handy Tool:
Sure! If you want a tool to split PST files, I recommend Shoviv PST Splitter, a great tool for safely dividing your PST files into smaller ones. It’s super easy to use and works well with any Windows or Microsoft Outlook version so that you won’t have any trouble with compatibility. The coolest thing? Its simple interface makes it easy for anyone to understand and use. Plus, there’s a free demo version where you can process up to 50 items per folder to see how it works. Give it a try and see how effortless splitting PST files can be!

Here’s how to use it:
Download and Install the tool on your computers.
Step 1: File Selection

Go to the Search or Browse option to add your PST files.
Step 2: Split option

In the Target Folder, click the Browse button for the desired target location.
Then, select the Subfolder option to choose which folder to split, showing the folder’s hierarchy.
After that, click on the Splits option to pick the method that suits your needs (Split by Size, By Date, By Year, Select a folder in Single PST, Select a folder in Multiple PST)
If you want a processed report, then click on Export Report.
Lastly, click on the Next button to end the process.
What key features make it a trustworthy tool?
Shoviv PST splitter is a great tool for breaking down large PST files into smaller ones, no matter how big.
You get four ways to split your files: by size, date, year, or folder.
This tool works smoothly on all versions of Windows and can handle both old and new versions of Outlook files.
It’s compatible with all Outlook PST file types, even the oldest ones like Outlook 97.
It is easy-to-use interface simplifies splitting tasks, saving you time and hassle.
This article examined why you might need to split PST files, examined manual methods, and discussed their drawbacks. It suggests using the Shoviv PST Splitter as a good solution. With its easy-to-use design and various options, the Shoviv PST Splitter makes the process smoother and keeps your data safe. Whether you’re handling big files or want things more organized, Shoviv PST Splitter is a tool you can trust.


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